Vincent Cilento Mantra Medallions

Hello! I'm Vincent Cilento, co-founder of Mantra Medallions. My girlfriend and I started this project during a rough patch that she was going through, so she could have a little extra encouragement and good vibes in her pocket at all times.

Sharing Mantra Medallions with the world meant that people could give that same gift to themselves or a friend or family member, and that fills us with an unbelievable amount of joy. We hope these medallions give you a push in the right direction towards more peace, strength, and love in your life and the lives of those around you.

I grew up on the beach in New Jersey, and I love traveling, reading, and starting new adventures like this one! I also have another project in the works called Low Oxalate Kitchen, where I share information and resources for people that have to follow a specific diet for the prevention of kidney stones and other medical conditions. Those are my two smaller side hustles, and my third and most crazy idea is to start a sneaker company, which is in the works and hopefully will be up and running sometime in 2021.


Amy Rutledge is co-founder of, and inspiration for, Mantra Medallions. She is an actress, meditation instructor, artist and ceramicist. She grew up in northwest New Jersey and also currently lives in Jersey City, NJ. Enjoy this loving-kindness meditation, check out her Etsy shop, or send an email to meditatewithamy@gmail.com to join one of her upcoming meditation classes!

In recent news, Amy is co-starring in a film called Rent-A-Pal from Pretty People Pictures and IFC Midnight, alongside Wil Wheaton. It is set for a theatrical release in select theaters and video on demand September 11th, 2020! You can check out the trailer for the film here, and the Entertainment Weekly exclusive here!